Ring Ring Ring


Today was a really funny,easy and different day. I have never had a day in the office like this for two reasons. 1. is that it was pretty short.This has to do with the easy part. Now that we have the final script for Mr. Westfield's piece it's time to lay down the final audio and put together the pictures that would go over that audio. My job was to make a list of photo ideas for areas in this final script that would represent or cleverly (i like that word)  😊  cover the audio Now 2. The funny part. I had to practice calling Mr. Westfield for permission to use any of the photos I would need to use in the final piece. I would also need for him to come into one of the studios to get pictures of him reading his poem. The funny part was practicing the phone calls. Be and Kim would repeatedly redo the conversation  every time I would learn a new  thing in the call and we would then restart. I got so used to it that every time I knew we needed to redo the call I would start off with " Ring Ring Ring" hence the title of today's blog :lol: if you don't get it it's fine just a little inside joke b/t me and Kim 😏 anyway I finally did do the actual phone call if you were wondering. It went well and I accomplished the larger goal which wasn't to have a perfect phone call but to be able to get the photos I need and be able to schedule a photo taking time. All of it was achieved and I went home early 😛 

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