So… when is this all over?


Okay so I'm sure that my title may throw some people off but I don't mean it to.

We are on the countdown to the presentation and more with 3+ days left to go. Of course my job will be done after I do a closing interview and the slide show is presented on Thursday but things are just crazy for our editor Henry.
He has a lot on his plate for final changes and he is the only one finalizing the slideshow and doing his best to present what the client wants. I feel guilty with all I have left to do is come in and blog one last time then get an interview of my own out of the way.

I'm not trying to tell everyone everyone's business but it is a blog. I don't mean to be rude.

Wow. I wish I would of had things to do over the weekend because it would have left some high spirits that lingered to this afternoon. Too bad Burger King really doesn't live to its motto.


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