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Hey it's Sonie again. I'm so glad to come to a rest on interviewing. I got my wish and although my last three interviews will come later I've transitioned into the editing portion of this great journey :cheese: no headaches for a while yeah! I even met Gabby.Not when I finally arrived because Kim handed me some popcorn and you know I just had to go down to the cafe. to pop them 😊  We ( meaning me, Kim, Gabby, and Henry) sat down over the Mr. Ernie Westfield's interview which Gabby transcribed and pondered what we could use in his interview to cut into the video. We took about forty something minutes to highlight out things that we really thought the audience as a whole would love to listen to. He has a wide range of history that we all noticed. This man has really interacted in several different communities :wow: To close that whole discussion up it's just great to pull out his history with the League and the Champaign-Urbana. But before we even started to discuss we played the one-name game to describe ourselves and WILL. We had a photo shoot which I felt awkward about but it was fun. It was new too. New fun I guess. Who knew modeling was so complicated? I know now that I absolutely do not want to take modeling as a career. It's just too complicated. Also after that discussion to we split up and me and Gabby were going to learn how to upload the pics from the WILL cameras and get them onto the web. Wow things won't slow down. I'm not saying like I want it to. Just that I'm glad to be working. It feels so great soio rewarding. Wow this is going to be my longest blog by far <giggles> You really do get noticed in Champaign 😏

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