The secret Interview (For now anyway)


Yesterday be and my amazing partner Gabby and I shared an interview with an honorable person that I can not give the name about 😛
All I can say is that not only is this person an important past of Champaign's history but also a exceptionally talented individual praised and awarded many of times in U.S. history
Yesterday, I was awaken around 6:40 and quickly pulled myself together for the day's exciting interview. Later Gabby would be picking me up from school during the end of my 1st period class. No biggy it wouldn't effect my grade :lol:
We then made it to WILL with 20 minutes to wait and let our hearts fly
In my little hurry earlier, I'd skipped breakfast to make it in time for 1st period, so I didn't miss too much until my later departure. Never mind it though because I did come in 10 minuted late.
Now to move back to the interview, Kim was able to provide me with a nice sufficient diet of four prunes 😊
This helped a little with my roaring headache of which had taken a light toll. After the short feast the call came in.
Now I say call because me and Gabby were not in the same for as our interviewee. Precisely we were miles away and the call was a recorded one.The phone as in another room from which me and Gabby had our own separate headphones and a mic to clearly and individually hear and speak to our interviewee. It is a very cool thing that had taken place.
But to get back to where I was: the phone rang.
My hearts rate quickened and I had to start reciting my questions and introduction in my head to get better prepared for this query to take place.
We begun. So that I won't bore you into all the details to which would take several paragraphs to break down. Here is a short synopsis:
1. The interview went astounding
2. Kim videoed the feelings before and after
3. Kim videoed parts of the interview
4. We asked a couple of hard brain racking questions
5. We asked questions some questions that were never asked before
6. We were given a story
7. My stomach never growled :cheese:

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