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Today was team-meeting Friday since apparently that's when the whole gang can meet up to go over the progress and the schedule of need-to-get-done tasks 😖  but every thing went excellent 😊  me and gabby were able to put together our scripts and create a great final script for mr.westfield's story. Although  i give gabby all the credit because she was the real genius behind the final draft 😉   I like the final conclusion and it was a lot of fun to edit today. After editing comes the codes of cutting at least that's what i call named it 😏  So this involves us cutting out the portions from what we chose from the whole over-an-hour long interview. It's not difficult but takes a lot of eye strain. man :exclaim:  it's was a pretty smooth work day. next week we will be sharing the progress of code cutting and also be able to brainstorm picture ideas to use over the audio and see what else we will cut by actually hearing what we typed up because that makes a big difference when you actual hear it then to hear it in our own head at a different pace especially because mr.westfield talks pretty slow so that you could get a better understanding of what he is saying<deep breath>  well half the codes are done and gabby will be done with that on Monday so i will be code cutting yeah :cheese:  its great how that works ciao :coolsmile:

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