Letters to the Future - January 25, 2011

Wow am I on a roll!

Sonie Toe

So it's Sonie and I'm back to put my speak on 😊 I have an interview tomorrow. i just finished up the questions for that interview. Yesterday's interview was spectacular. The woman could talk and I like when my interviewees can open up like that. It make the interview much easier I must say. Also I have become so comfortable with this process that I now become worried that I'm too comfortable and will not be so focused and get all that I may be able to receive. The surprising thing is I don't have any such difficulties when the interview actually begins. It's as if change better yet switch into another mode😏  I'm impressed of myself:coolsmirk: Anyways I am ready for tomorrow and must decide when to have my number eight interview before this month ends. Which will be on Monday the 31st 😊 ciao 😝

Sonie Toe

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