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My name is Anna Kanfer, a sophomore at University Laboratory High School. In 8th grade, I was first introduced to Oral History through the Disability Barriers radio documentary, and haven’t left the project since. In my 3 years with the intern team, I’ve worked with the Disability Barriers, Counterculture, and Military Personnel groups to get student crews ready for their recorded interviews. Throughout this time, I have especially enjoyed working with people in the community to hear stories of their memories and experiences, and relating them to the flow of historical chapters from our commonality of Champaign-Urbana to the wider country and world. While the projects most definitely take a lot of work and time outside of school, I have enjoyed thoroughly being able to actively learn about so much of a variety of areas we have reached. Even though I’ve only worked with three topics in this program, the stories we hear and the research we do covers so much more. I play both basketball and soccer with Uni High, and have always enjoyed traveling and spending time with friends and family in my free time. I am so excited to be a part of yet another Oral History Documentary, and look forward to being a part of many more.


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