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Hello, my name is Ema Ondrejckova and I am currently a Freshman at University Laboratory High School. This is my first year working as a WILL intern, however I helped conduct and transcribe interviews for the Counterculture project last year as a subfreshman. When i'm out of school, I enjoy playing soccer, sewing, reading, and playing the piano. I was born in the Czech Republic and speak both Czech and Slovak. I have always been interested in history and learning about different cultures and languages. This is the reason why I chose to continue on with the WILL projects as a Freshman.

As a first year intern, I helped track down potential interviewees by "pre-interviewing" people from our community for the Military Personnel project. This is my favorite part of the entire project because I get to hear stories that might have never been told before and get to know someone on a deep and personal level. I love listening to other people's stories and opinions. I can always read textbooks with the general information, but nothing compares to actually feeling and getting to know the person who experienced the history. I never thought that sitting for 2 hours listening to someone talking could really be something that I enjoy. I also help "train" the subfreshmen in the actual jobs during the interview, mostly scribe training. Another of my favorite things about the WILL project is transcribing the interviews. I get to sit down and just listen to someones story more than once and write it down so that in the future other people can read it. I am looking forward to being an intern next year and getting to experience more history in the C-U community. WILL has been a great experience for me and I hope to continue on during my high school years.


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