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My name is Leif Hague and I am one of the producers of the military personnel project. This is the fourth year that I have been involved with the University Laboratory High School radio broadcasts. I enjoy taking part in the production of these powerful documentaries. Outside of school, I like to spend time playing the clarinet, piano, guitar, saxophone, writing and recording
music, and writing video games.

I am involved in this project because it’s a good opportunity to share community members’ stories with listeners who may not have been exposed to them otherwise. I feel it’s important
to preserve this recent history. This project provides a unique opportunity to hear firsthand accounts of some important events of the 20th century. Also, I enjoy being involved in the
challenge of contacting potential interviewees, deciding who should be interviewed for the project, and editing the hours of resulting recordings to distill the especially relevant and
thought-provoking segments for a one-hour documentary.


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