Subbie Interviews Finished!


We’ve just finished a big step in our production process: all the subbie interviews are finished!  I think they’ve gone quite well so far.  Last Thursday, I was at the studio between two interviews to help get the subbies on the second interview team ready, introduce the interviewee, and make sure things ran smoothly.  I was really impressed with how prepared the subbies were.  They seemed a little nervous, naturally, but when it came to making her (ther interviewee) feel welcome, they certainly did a good job.  I talked to the interviewee afterwards, and she said she was very moved.  She hadn’t realized how much of an impact the military had had on her family until she encountered some of the questions that the subbies asked.

We have one more interview coming up which should prove to be very interesting: a sixteenth interview performed by the interns and producers.  I’m definitely excited!


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