Subfreshmen Training


Recently, I have been working with fellow interns in small sessions of subbie interviewer and team captain pairs to get them ready for their interviews. We just finished these sessions last week, and I think it went pretty successfully! The subbie pairs all really seemed excited and invested in each other, their interviews, and mostly, their interviewees. Each has their own unique personality and stories, and the subbie teams, having researched so much of these, were definitely prepared to dive into their interviews!

Our intern group worked with them on the general form of the interview--we talked about it in a chronological order, starting with the initial introductions and small talk and ending with the wrap-up and thank-yous. We also went over some troubleshooting guidelines. Problems are bound to happen in any interview, but the best way to handle it is always staying natural! Finally, every session closed with questions from the subbies. They didn't seem half as nervous as I was before my interview, that's for sure.

The interviews are finished now, and I know virtually none went perfectly--but of course that's the best way to have them!

~Anna, Sophomore


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