Illinois Youth Media

Our Journey Producers

Meet the People Who Made "Our Journey: Stories of Desegreation and Community in Champaign-Urbana"

Tatiana Ammons adjusts the microphone for Kathleen Slates in the WILL radio studio.

Franklin Middle School Producers

Jessica Austin, Yakera Barbee,Tiera Campbell, Deanna Carr,Tamika Lee,Veronica Martin and Markeesha Motton from Franklin Magnet Middle School.

WILL Project Directors

Kimberlie Kranich; co-director Dr. William Paterson, visiting assistant professor U of I; technical instructor Dave Dickey; Assistant Producer Shawyn Williams; Franklin Magnet Middle School teachers Shameem Rakha and Kathleen Carol.

Music by Sweet Honey in the Rock.

Special thanks to Franklin Magnet Middle School Principal Sandy Powell.