A Familiar Sound, a blog entry by Mary C.


We have finished the large "block" editing (I don’t know if that is the technical name for it). That is when you take out the larger chunks of interview that you are probably going to want to use in the documentary. That was a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to the fine editing, starting Thursday. The best parts of the first round of editing were hearing familiar voices coming out of the speakers at the workstation in WILL. The first part was that I got to edit the interview my group did last February with Mrs. Nosker. Hearing the story again was really cool, and I had picked up on some of the important points that I had missed the first time around. The second interview that I would say was one of the best parts of the first session was Mrs. Lewis's interview. I know them from Scouting, and as I listened, I kept thinking, 'Yep, that's her, that is Mrs. Lewis." That was a really neat experience, and I am looking forward to more time spent at WILL over the next couple of months.

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