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It's May. That means that sports are wrapping up, school is almost out, and the weather is (supposed to be) getting warmer. It almost means that the Disabilities Project is nearing it's end. When my interviewing group started our preliminary research as subfreshmen nearly and year and a half ago, I never would have imagined that I would have been involved in it this far, or that I would have learned as much as I have. Sure, nowadays it seems that, in a VERY general sense, people try to not offend anyone and to try to respect others who are different then themselves, but when this movement to try to make things accessible started at the University, it was a new idea, and being able to hear that in the stories and voices of the people who were involved, and still are involved, with DRES is a lot more comprehensive and powerful than just reading it out of a textbook in class. That is probably one of the reasons I have enjoyed working on the project so much. I am a little sad to see it wrapping up, but I know that all the work that was put into it by everyone who was involved is making it great.

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