Hello, my name is Gloria Ha, and I’m a freshman at University Laboratory High School.  Illinois, in all its corn-filled glory, has been my home for over a decade.  It’s amazing to see just how many people and opportunities these small towns hold, and my school is one of those incredible opportunities.  Though school takes up a large portion of my life, I also devote copious amounts of time for my personal workout and enjoyment.  I have several hours of dance lessons every day of the week, then recharge myself over weekends by catching up on Korean pop culture and exploring graphic design.

This is my first year as an intern, and I look forward to the challenges that this project holds.  Last year, I participated in conducting the interviews for the oral history project.  Now, I’m involved with producing and further developing this material.  Through my interaction with the project thus far, I’ve been struck by how real the stories of each interviewee are, and how they meld into a greater history that has impacted so many lives.  This emotional aspect, as well as the challenge of weaving these stories together, is what continues to inspire me to be involved in this project.

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