Jean Driscoll on Tim Nugent’s Advocacy for Disabled Veterans’ Education


Jean Driscoll speaking:
Tim Nugent… came back from World War II… And he was recognizing that when other guys were coming back from World War II with injuries that created permanent disabilities that they weren’t able to use their GI Bills to go to college.  There were no college campuses that were accessible at that time, and no university administrations wanted people with disabilities on their campuses.  But Tim recognized how unfair this was, and started pounding on administrators’ doors, and helping them understand that these guys gave their lives for the U.S., their injuries came as a result of a war, and at the very least they deserved a college education… He wanted to provide opportunities for people who couldn’t return to their blue-collar jobs, to get a college education and be able to provide for their families in other ways.

Jean Driscoll, Olympic and Paralympic athlete, describes how Tim Nugent advocated for disabled verterans' access to college.

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