Breaking Down Disability Barriers - October 14, 2010


Mary Campbell

My name is Mary Campbell, and this is my second year involved with the University Laboratory High School radio programs. I am finding that working on these projects is fun and exciting as well as a fascinating way of learning more about the actual content of the documentary. While I’m not at school or doing homework, I fill my day with music, participating in Scouting, and acting in as many of the school plays as I can.

I am involved with this project because I like knowing local history and being able to tell those stories so even people who have little, or no knowledge, about them will understand. I personally love when I can learn something new through the community’s various stories, and I wanted to share that with people who feel the same way. I was also interested in the technical side of radio, and knew that this would give me a chance to learn about it in a unique way, as well as giving me experiences that I would never have anywhere else.

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