Mike Frogley on Tim Nugent’s Philosophy about Education


Mike Frogley speaking:
Dr. Nugent, he saw how important it was going to be to have leaders that have disabilities to go out and change things for everyone else. He knew that the students that were coming to this university were going to leave the university with an education… and he knew that they for a long time were going to be the most educated of the people with disabilities in the United States… So one of the things he taught (…) all of his students with disabilities was that when they left the University of Illinois was that they had to go out and be leaders… the only way we can truly say thank you to the people who have come before us that have given us this opportunity we enjoy is to make sure we add to it and build to it… that’s the best way we can say thank you.

Mike Frogley, head coach of University of Illinois wheelchair basketball, talks about Tim Nugent's expectations of his students at the U of I.

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