Working At WILL, blog entry by David B.


Wow! We're already approaching the final stages of editing of the Tim Nugent documentary. So far, I've enjoyed working at WILL. Listening to all of these interviews is really interesting! That being said, I've also had some problems. At the moment, I'm editing recording of an interview done of Tim Nugent himself. I have a highlighted transcript which indicates which sections I need to cut out to be used in the final documentary. The trouble is that the interview audio is split into two parts, layered over one another on different tracks. I can listen to them one at a time, but because the sections on the transcript are marked with the time in the interview they occur, having one on top of the other slows the editing process down considerably for the second half. It's still quite manageable, but a bit slower than expected. I probably won't get to volume editing until after Thanksgiving break, but I'm not too far behind.

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