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 :-P My name is mecca and I am involvled in Youth Media Workshop at Jeffereson because It will help me with my A/V skills :cheese: and it looks great on a college application. I want you to know the following about me: I take my work seriously, If i dont like it, I dont do it correctly and I'm a little bossy. :roll: By the end of this project I hope to be able to say " I MADE A DIFFERENCE!!!"


On November 23. 2009, All the JMS YMW students met up with MR.  LEE and MRS. ANDERSON in the library. Since there were 2 cars, we divded into 2 groups: ANNA, JAQUESIA, SHANTE AND CHRISTELLE went with MR. LEE. So SONY, AVONA AND I went with MRS. ANDERSON.( Mrs. Anderson has a convertable so we rode w/ the top down  😛) The took us to the URBANA FREE LIBRARY  and looked in the archives. I was really cool because you can just simply look up information about your person.  When we left the library, we went to Market Place mall and ate lunch at the food court. After we left the mall we went to the WILL studio. That is where we got a tour of the studio and got to learn about the different jobs that ihelp run the station. We also got our YMW hoodies.  🐛  overall it was a good day!


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