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Today we are teaching the girls blogging techniques. Today marks my fourth week with the Jefferson girls and I'm really enjoying myself. Last week we discussed camera techniques and began brainstorming story ideas. I was really amazed and proud of their ability to think critically about issues that are important to them. I was really impressed at how the girls took these critical issues and began breaking them down into story ideas. They listened well and made sure that they thought of many different aspects of a story like potential interviewee's, b-roll shots that would make sense for their story, and various angles that they could use to come up with a great piece. I truly look forward to helping them continue to develop their great story ideas. The girls have been really cool to work with because they give each other such great feed-back and are their own best critics! While watching each others video's, the girls work as a team to come up with the pro's and con's of their individual videos and then give advice to each other on how to make their pieces better the next time. Looks like we're off to one exciting (and interesting) year! 😊

P.S The first few minutes of every session are priceless while the girls run around...try to find food to eat (if that's what you want to call the granola bars) and have the most random conversations that usually include a few outburst from Shante lol. :lol:


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