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  Hey guys. I'm so special that I was able to film the Jefferson YMW practice interview! Yeah for me. and by practice interview I mean I'm not using it in my project. But for that I get an advantage. I don't have to make phone interviews! So boo who who to those that suffer.
  But this is how my experience went. Mr. Lee suggested that I interview an 8th grade teacher at my school named Ms. Murphy. So last Thursday I ws walked ,by Ms. Anderson, to her room and asked her if she was interested in being interviewed.She agreed and later after school we sat down and got to talking. It was pretty good. I learned lots and even feel more confident about my interviews in the future.
  Today though, we looked over my interview as a group. I noticed that there were a lot of distractions. So we evaluated the pros and cons and I even got some good tips for next time. All though I feel sorry for Ms. Murphy by kind of wasting her time by having her sit in that chair for over 15 minutes.

                                                                                                                                                              Sonie Toe  :cheese: :roll:  😏  :long:


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