Year Seven - January 27, 2010

My Day As Camera Man


My Youth media experience so far has been EXTREMELY FUN! How much I wish I could emphasize that even more. Yesterday was the day of my friend jay’s interview with Mr. Earnest Westfield and I was lucky enough to be able to view and video tape this exciting, prestigious, and honorable event.  I will never soon forget this experience.  😊  The Interview took a little over an hour and was filled with great stories and self made poems by the man of the hour 'Mr. Westfield". My experience at the interview was overwhelming. Looking over the tape of the interview it looked good and I also critiqued camera skills and learned what I could have done better, the sounds and memories that day are some that can change a life. So take time to learn about some of Americas African American negro history, get involved with such a project and I can promise you it will be a memorable one, 😊  And to you Mr. Westfield it was quite the honor -Cedric 😊

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