Year Seven - June 30, 2010

Nothing New Under The Sun


Some may say that it's IMPOSSIBLE to learn a little history in under 5 minutes but,  in 4.5 minutes, Ella Coleman taught me a lot. She was very descriptive and told me about things that were so... different, that I went home and googled a few of them. Overall, I advise you to watching the un-cut footage because you get to see more of Mrs. Coleman's personality. I had a great time interviewing her and learning that there really is "Nothing new under the sun"...
- Mecca Muhammad<3

Year Seven - June 30, 2010

Still working….


I did SO MUCH this year! Youth Media, VB manager, The musical, student council, Drama Club, 8th grade play and that's just a few. I missed a lot of YMW this year but, I mad3e up for it! I took time out of my Summer vacation so I can finish this project. I have done it all! Audio, scanning, cutting, transitions and slides. I even decided to go all out and use cartoon sketches. It was creative and something different! I so excited! well I still havea couple of things to finish so good bye!

Year Seven - June 08, 2010

Going Away To College


Cedric, a 7th grade YMW participant from Franklin Middle School, interviewed Diane Nesbitt of Champaign about many things and settled on a story that focuses on her strong feelings about the importance of going away to college.

Ms. Diane Nesbitt was born and raised in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois and is one of five children.  She was a member of the Douglass Center Drill Team in the 1960s and graduated from Tennessee State University in Nashville.  She was the first in her family to graduate from college.  As a teenager she was a member of St. Luke C.M.E. choir under the leadership of Willie T Summerville. She is a social worker by profession. 

Year Seven - June 01, 2010

Job Discrimination in Champaign-Urbana

Kimberlie Kranich

Dominque, a Youth Media Wokrshop participant from Edison Middle School, spoke with Andrew Terrall, custodian at Edison, about the economy and money.  After reviewing the interview, Dominque decided to focus on job discrimination.

Year Seven - May 25, 2010

Riots at Centennial High School 1971


Riots at Centennial High School 1971, is a video produced by Corbin P. an Edison Middle School student and a student in the Youth Media Workshop program. Corbin interviewed Mr. Alvin Griggs, former Edison Middle School Principal and Centennial High School Vice-Principal, about education in Champaign, IL. During the interview, Mr Griggs mentioned a race riot that occurred at Centennial High School in 1971. Corbin researched the riot and interviewed Mr. Griggs again, this time focusing on the riot. This is the edited interview, produced by Corbin.

Year Seven - May 18, 2010

Poet on the Mound


Jay, a YMW participant at Franklin Middle School, spoke with Ernie Westfield, former Negro League baseball player and business owner, about the role of poetry in his life. 

Year Seven - May 18, 2010

Youth Media Workshop Year 7 Self Reflections

Kimberlie Kranich

Students who participated in the Youth Media Workshop during the 2009/2010 school year and the teachers and professionals who mentored them reflect on what they learned in this preliminary proof-of-performance video for Year 7 of the Youth Media Workshop shown at the year end celebration May 18, 2010 at Illinois Public Media.

Year Seven - May 16, 2010

it’s over

Sonie Toe

omg, omg, omg i can't believe it's finally over. I'm done with my final video. I must say it took me a while though ( the whole weekend to be exact). But it was a worth it. I put in a lot of heart and dedication and they sure pulled off. I can't wait 'til the Year End celebration to show it to everyone. And it's about to go on to Youtube! Wow! any ways, I'm so glad I participated in Youth Media Workshop and thank :ahhh:  :cheese:  :coolgrin:  everyone that's Helped me through. Next Year I'm gonna do it again and my new video will be even bigger and better.

Year Seven - May 16, 2010

Education, Who Cares?

Sonie Toe

Sonie, a seventh-grade Youth Media Workshop participant from Jefferson Middle School, chose education as her topic.  She interviewed Joan Murphy, a teacher at Jefferson, twice about her choice to go to vocational high school to learn a skill, and Martel Miller, a high school drop-out whose negative experiences crushed his enthusiasm for education but not learning.  Sonie immigrated from Liberia 10 years ago and her family highly regards education.

She used a FLIP video camera to record her interview, Windows Media Maker to edit it, and a Marantz flash card recorder to record her narration.

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