Live and Local

Peter Yarrow; Musical Extravaganza of choral singing


Peter, Paul and Mary were among the icons of folk music during the 60s, and they have a significant place in my own experience of that decade, when I was a child. So it will be a great pleasure for me to talk with Peter Yarrow on the Friday edition of "Live and Local," as he and Noel Paul Stookey will perform at Sangamon Auditorium in Springfield on Sunday. And we'll hear about a Musical Extravaganza of choral singing, happening in Springfield on Saturday at the Hoogland Center for the Arts. NOTE: Due to the length of my interview with Mr. Yarrow, the segment about the Hoogland benefit did not air. You can hear this segment as the second clip provided here, with Sue Baker of the Sound Celebration Chorus, one of the participants in the Musical Extravaganza--including two songs by that chorus.