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‘Live’ From Studio F - Tara Terra

Host Brian Moline with Tara Terra in the WILL studios

Tara Terra, preparing to rock the pilot episode of "Live from Studio F." Liz Murray/Illinois Public Media

Welcome to the pilot episode of a new podcast that we're calling, at least for now, "Live from Studio F."  Our first guests are the Champaign-Urbana alt-rockers Tara Terra!

You can hear Tara Terra, along with the Laurie Morvan Band, at Allerton's "Reds, Whites & the Blues" event on Friday July 1 starting at 6:00pm.

Big thanks to our technical director, Jason Croft, for all of his help in recording and mixing this podcast.  If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you.  Send an e-mail to bmoline@illinois.edu, or contact Brian via Twitter @BMolineWILL.  Thanks for listening!