Media Matters

Naomi Wolf


This week our guest is Naomi Wolf, the noted feminist and author. "The Beauty Myth," her first book, was an international bestseller. She followed that with "Fire With Fire: The New Female Power and How It Will Change The 21st Century" and "Promiscuities: The Secret Struggle for Womanhood." Several other books followed.

Her most recent book is "The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot" in which she explains how events of the last six years parallel steps taken in the early years of the 20th century's worst dictatorships such as Germany, Russia, China, and Chile.

She is co-founder of The Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, an organization devoted to training young women in ethical leadership for the 21st century. The institute teaches professional development in the arts and media, politics and law, business and entrepreneurship as well as ethical decision making.