10,300 Illinoisans’ Health Coverage In Jeopardy


More than 10,000 Illinois residents who bought insurance through President Barack Obama's health care law could have their coverage canceled if they don't send citizenship and immigration documents to confirm their eligibility by Sept. 5.

Federal officials say they're sending letters to approximately 10,300 Illinois consumers asking for their paperwork. The letters caution that coverage will end by Sept. 30 without the documentation.

The letters were sent in English and in Spanish.
Illinois is on the top-10 list of states with unresolved cases.
People living in the country illegally are not allowed to get coverage.  Officials say the letters tell consumers with unresolved citizenship and immigration issues that they can upload their documents to the HealthCare.gov website, or mail them in.
Officials say most haven't responded to repeated outreach efforts.

Story source: AP