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13th Congressional District Democratic Candidates Oppose GOP Tax Plan


Five Democratic congressional candidates appeared before a packed auditorium at the Champaign Public Library Thursday night.

And they all agreed that the Republican tax reform bill is a bad deal for America. 

David Gill called the bill a "travesty" that only protects the wealthy. "I’ve been saying for a long time that it’s about time for the millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share in this country," Gill said.

Betsy Dirksen-Londrigan said it’s time to send someone to Congress that cares for low and middle class residents. "If we want to change the dialogue we have to change our representatives," she added.

Jonathan Ebel called the GOP tax measure "morally wrong" and promised to oppose tax cuts for the wealthy, if elected. "It is a return to trickle-down economics. We saw it fail in the Reagan era, it failed in the Bush era and it will fail again," Ebel warned.

Angel Sides said the plan would help very few. "When .01% own as much wealth as the bottom 90%, that pretty much puts the tax burden on the lower middle class," Sides said.

And Erik Jones said if there is to be a tax cut, it must benefit the lower and middle class and end corporate tax loopholes. "Let’s put some teeth on it and make sure they’re going to keep jobs in America. And that’s the only way you’ll keep that tax cut," Jones said.

The candidates also answered questions about health care, gun control, gay rights and the environment, with all taking the progressive viewpoint on those issues.

The five Democrats are competing in the March primary to run against 13th District incumbent Republican Rodney Davis. The Champaign County Young Democrats sponsored the forum.