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40 U.S. Senators File Legislation To Restore Net Neutrality

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Democrats are introducing legislation to restore so-called net neutrality after the Federal Communications Commission ended the rules in December of 2017. Wikimedia Commons/Colin/(CC BY-SA 400)

Illinois Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth are co-sponsoring legislation to reverse the Federal Communications Commission’s decision on so-called net neutrality.

40 Democrats are sponsoring the Congressional Review Act, which would restore net neutrality rules that forbid internet providers from blocking or slowing down service for some customers.

The FCC overturned the 2015 rules last month.

In remarks released by her office, Duckworth said that if net neutrality is not guaranteed, small businesses will suffer. "They will be crushed by the large corporations. They will not be given the access that they normally enjoy in order to access the marketplace," she said.

Durbin calls the FCC decision "radical and reckless" and adds that Illinois residents deserve a free and open internet.

While the Democrats are in the minority in the Senate, they promise to force a vote on restoring net neutrality rules.