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A Sober BB Gun Safety Reminder

BB gun with CO2 cartridges and pellets.

Authorities want people to remember that BB guns are not toys and adults should always supervise children when BB guns are out. Hustvedt/Wikimedia Commons/(GNU Free Documentation)

A Champaign County deputy wants to make sure people handle B-B guns with care, in light of a BB gun related death in Indiana. 

Earlier this month, an eight-year-old girl in Indiana died after a younger person accidentally shot her in the eye with a BB gun.

Champaign County Chief Deputy Sheriff Alan Jones says BB guns are not toys. and kids should always have adult supervision when shooting a BB gun and always wear eye protection. "Even trained police officers don’t go to the range without eye protection," Jones said.

Jones adds because so many BB guns look similar to real firearms, BB gun owners should not display them if a law enforcement officer is nearby. He says that could help prevent a tragic misunderstanding. "That’s a challenge we don’t want to place somebody in. So if you have one of those out and you see law enforcement officers, you’re going to comply with directions and orders that are given, put it down and communicate," Jones concluded.