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‘Aging Magician’ Comes To Krannert Center Saturday Night


Rinde Eckert portrays Harold in the music theatre work "Aging Magician," coming to Krannert Center Saturday night. Jill Steinberg

The music theatre work “Aging Magician” comes to Krannert Center’s Colwell Playhouse on the University of Illinois Urbana campus Saturday night at 7:30pm.  “Aging Magician” made its world premiere at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis earlier this month, and follows the final adventure of Harold, a watchmaker who attempts to uncover his legacy on a train to Coney Island.

The work is a collaboration among several artists, including composer Paola Prestini and vocalist Rinde Eckert, who portrays Harold.  Illinois Public Media’s Brian Moline spoke with Prestini and Eckert about “Aging Magician” and their creative process.