Ameren Files For Electric Delivery Rate Decrease


Ameren Illinois says it’s seeking a decrease in delivery rates for electric customers.  The utility says it will file a request with the Illinois Commerce Commission next week for a $14 million reduction in electric delivery service rates for 2017. It’s not yet known how much individual bills will be reduced.

Ameren spokesperson Marcelyn Love says the decrease is made possible by a section of Illinois’ 2011 "Smart Grid" law.

“There was a mechanism put in the place for the utilities to recover the actual cost of improvement to the electric grid," she said.  "This year, customers are still benefitting from a smarter, more reliable grid, and our rates continue to be below the national average.”

Under the Smart Grid measure, also known as the Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act (EIMA), Ameren says it's been installing storm-resilient utility poles, automated switches, and enhanced technology.

The ICC has eight months to review the rate change request – which, if approved, will take effect in January 2017. Love says it will be the 4th drop in Ameren’s electric delivery rates since the Illinois Smart Grid law was passed in 2011.

Meanwhile, a lower supply rate will kick in immediately for Ameren Illinois gas customers. 

The utility says a nearly 4-cent drop in the per-therm cost is expected to save customers just under $30 a year, or about $2.30 a month. 

Story source: WILL