Ammons, Rosenberg Debate Taxes, Redistricting


The two Democratic challengers vying to replace Naomi Jakobsson as state representative for the 103rd district debated last night in Champaign.

Sam Rosenberg and Carol Ammons both voiced support for a progressive income tax.  Rosenberg, a Champaign attorney, said it would help ease the state’s budget deficit.  Ammons, who serves on the Urbana City Council, called a progressive income tax a “more fair system.”  Both candidates would like to see some of the money from a progressive income tax funneled toward education.

It didn’t take long for the differences to arise.  In her opening statement, Ammons criticized Rosenberg’s previous support for corporate tax cuts.

“My opponent has joined Speaker Madigan to support a proposal to cut the tax rates for corporations by 50 percent.  Cutting tax rates for corporations is not a progressive principle,” she said.

Rosenberg clarified that support a few minutes later.  

He said, "I support such tax cuts if it is done in conjunction with making sure a progressive income tax is implemented and additionally that it is at the very least increasing the revenue by a small margin in the state of Illinois.”

The forum was hosted by the League of Women Voters of Champaign County, the NAACP of Champaign county and the News-Gazette.

Story source: WILL