Art Exhibit Features Work By Sexual Assault Survivors


The personal experiences of survivors of sexual violence are the focus of an art exhibit happening this weekend in Champaign.

The exhibit is sponsored by Urbana’s rape crisis center, and it includes paintings, drawings, and storyboards done not just by survivors of rape, but also their supporters. Stephanie Ames, who is an advocate with Advocacy, Counseling and Education Services, said she hopes victims of sexual violence can find some comfort in the collection.

“Getting things out on canvas, on paper, or making a 3D image, I think it’s a way for people to tell their stories, and that can definitely be therapeutic," Ames said. "When it comes to people just walking through the gallery off the street, I’m sure that we’re going to have survivors in here that just walk through and look at the art, and it might heal them a little bit and they may be affected by it as well in a positive healing way.”

The show continues Saturday and Sunday from 1pm until 4pm at Champaign’s indi go Artist Co-Op. Due to the nature of the exhibit; crisis counselors will be available for anyone who needs support.


Some of the work on display at the exhibit:


Story source: WILL