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As Rauner Hunts For A Grand Bargain, He’s Leaving The Actual Bargaining To Others

Bruce Rauner is the Republican nominee for governor of Illinois.

Bruce Rauner (Amanda Vinicky/IPR)

As the state budget impasse has entered an eleventh month, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says he's hopeful a "grand bargain" can be worked out by the end of May; but he's leaving the bargaining to others.

Groups of legislators have been meeting in private, attempting to hammer out compromises. "I think the good news is they're talking about very significant reforms, I've been told," he said Monday. He's been told.

Rauner says even though he's the governor he's not directly involved in talks.

When asked whether he should be, Rauner answered: "At various points in the past I have been, and I think what ... and I don't think the leaders in the legislature are directly involved either ... This is a grass roots effort from members of the General Assembly. And it's just the right thing. I think they're taking the bull by the horns."

Rauner, a Republican, continues to say a deal must include pro-business measures Democrats have thus far opposed, but he wouldn't get into specifics. He says he doesn't want to get ahead of legislators.