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Audio Of Blagojevich Appeals Hearing Now Available


The sometimes contentious and surprising audio from the appeal hearing of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is now online.

Attorneys spent an hour arguing Blagojevich’s appeal on December 13th.  Leonard Goodman told judges that Blagojevich never intended to commit fraud, he thought he was engaging in political horse trading.

That led Judge Frank Easterbrook to repeatedly ask Blagojevich’s attorney about a case called  Cheek.

EASTERBROOK: I wish you would answer my question.  You can answer it yes or no and then you can tell me what you think it’s significance is but you need to answer the question.

GOODMAN: I would agree that Cheek is distinguished.

EASTERBROOK: Would you answer my question?  Does any of the statutes here have the word willful in it?

EASTERBROOK: I don’t believe so.

GOODMAN: Alright.

The appeals court judges were just as hard on the prosecutors trying to keep Blagojevich behind bars.