Bruce Rauner Rallies Republicans In Springfield


Republican candidate for Illinois governor Bruce Rauner is pledging to knock the current Democratic governor out of office and rebuild the Republican Party.

Rauner is a Winnetka businessman. He and Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn are squaring off in a nationally watched race this fall.
Rauner told a group of Republican officials in Springfield at a breakfast meeting Thursday that their work will help to restore Illinois.

He has taken to calling Quinn a "failed" governor with "failed" policies. He also promises to live in the governor's mansion in Springfield, a place where Quinn spends only a third of his nights. Recently, the mansion's roof leaked and the basement flooded, and it took weeks for a fix.

"Some of you guys who know contractors are going to have to help me because we have to fix the roof and pump out the basement," he said during the rally at the State Fair.  "You know what? Our current governor takes care of our governor's residence the way he takes care of our economy. He lets it get destroyed by neglect and abuse. We're not going to let that happen anymore."
Rauner said Democracy "doesn't work on a one party basis.''

The crowd also cheered when Rauner pledged to lower the income tax, contrasting his vision with Quinn's desire to keep the tax where it is.

Story source: AP