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Call For Stories: Cancer Testing


Have you or has someone close to you made a choice to know more or less about their chances of developing cancer though new genetic tests? Do you work with those tests? If so, we would like to talk with you for an upcoming story on how cancer tests shape our lives and influence the decisions we make. 

SW4gdGhpcyBwaG90byBwcm92aWRlZCBieSBDb2xsZWdlIG9mIEFtZXJpY2FuIFBhdGhvbG9naXN0cywgYSBwYXRob2xvZ2lzdCBleHBsYWlucyBhIFBhcCB0ZXN0IHNsaWRlIHRvIENhc3NhbmRyYSBJbmdyYW0sIDUzLCBvZiBCbGFpbmUsIE1pbm4uIGF0IE5vcnRoIFBvaW50IEhlYWx0aCAmIFdlbGxuZXNzIENlbnRlcidzIFNlZSwgVGVzdCAmIFRyZWF04oSiIHByb2dyYW0gVHVlc2RheSwgT2N0LiA0LCAyMDExLCBpbiBNaW5uZWFwb2xpcywgTWlubi4gWe are looking for stories to inform a half-hour community conversation hosted by Illinois Public Radio’s Amanda Vinicky. Prior to the conversation, we would like to hear from people who have faced challenging decisions because new bio-technology and research make more information available to patients.  Types of breast, ovarian and pancreatic cancers all have been linked to gene mutations and some types of the disease appear to be more common in some families. We would like to speak with people who have actively chosen to either know or not to know if they carry any of those genes about what lead you to that decision. 

We are looking for these stories as part of a community conversation around cancer tests to be held at WILL on Monday, March 23rd. Please contact producer Amanda Honigfort at or (217) 244-8794 if you are interested in participating or being part of the live studio audience.