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UPDATE: More Details On Arrest Of Champaign Carjacking Suspects


Champaign police have apprehended two suspects in an alleged attempted armed carjacking after a standoff lasting several hours on the city’s northwest side. But their initial charges stem from a fight last Sunday near the downtown Illinois Terminal Building.

The suspect in an attempted carjacking is led to a police car by an officer.

Photo Credit: Kimberly Guikema for Illinois Public Media

Police responded to a call just before 3:00 am Friday in the 1200 block of West Bradley Avenue.  After arriving at the scene, officers saw the suspect run into a nearby residence, which they later determined was the suspect's home. 

Over the next several hours, police talked to the suspect via loudspeaker. Meanwhile, the other residents of the home, including several children, emerged unharmed.  Just after 10:00 am, the 17-year-old male suspect peacefully surrendered to police.

Champaign Deputy Chief Troy Daniels tells the News-Gazette a second suspect came out after SWAT team members broke a window in the home. 

Champaign Police are still reviewing possible charges relating to the alleged carjacking attempt. Meanwhile, the two suspects are being held on Mob Action charges. Those charges are in connection with a fight last Sunday near the Illinois Terminal, in which a 16-year-old was beaten with a baseball bat, suffering a broken arm and other injuries. Police are also investigating the suspects for the battering earlier on Sunday of a 15-year-old male at Champaign Central High School.

Authorities closed a section of West Bradley Avenue between Hedge Road and McKinley Avenue during the standoff. They also evacuated fourteen nearby homes.