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Champaign Council Gives Initial Backing to Hens


The Champaign City Council has given initial support to amendments that would let residents keep hens for egg production.

Council members voted 8-to-1 in Tuesday's study session to lift the city's ban on hens.

The city is reviewing lots of other ordinances around the state on issues like permitting fees, how chickens are sheltered, and how the Humane Society deals with lost hens.

Champaign resident Elena Ahasic told the council she raised chickens as a 4-H project when she was young,

“I feel like they would really teach kids responsibility," she said. "Also it gives them something for recreation, for 4-H. You can take them to the county fair, which I did. I was up against like, 150 chickens, but still got best in show.”

Former Champaign County Board member Pius Weibel said there are few complaints when chickens get loose in Urbana, where they are allowed.

Language that bans hens in some subdivisions would still apply if the changes are granted final approval in Champaign.

The only city council member to vote against the change was Vic McIntosh.