Champaign County Budget Proposal for 2010 Down Seven Percent from 2009


The Champaign County Board will consider a county budget plan for 2010 that is 7 percent smaller than the one they passed for 2009.

The 31-point-5 million dollar budget proposal was submitted to the County Board's Finance Committee Thursday night. County Administrator Deb Busey says the 7 percent in cuts reflects sharp declines this year in sales and income tax revenue. When the declines became evident at the end of the 1st quarter, Champaign County government instituted temporary spending cuts. But the cuts in this budget plan would be permanent. Busey says she expects the decline in tax revenue to level off in 2010 --- but if she's wrong, more mid-year spending cuts would be needed.

"I don't have a crystal ball, but I am hopeful", says Busey. "But if I am wrong about the revenues stabilizing, then we would have to look at that (additional mid-year spending cuts) in February at the end of the first quarter, like we did this year."

Roughly half of the spending cuts in the new budget plan come from county personnel. 29 full-time and 2 part-time jobs are being eliminated, through a combination of attrition and layoffs.

The Champaign County Board takes its first look at the new budget plan October 20th, with a final vote set for November. The county's fiscal year begins December 1st.

Story source: AP