Champaign County Recruits Election Judges

September 02, 2013

The next primary election is six months away, but the Champaign County Clerk’s office is already looking for election judges.

County Clerk Gordy Hulten held an election judge recruitment event in St. Joseph last week. He’s holding another recruitment event this Thursday, September 5th, from 1 to 4 PM at the Champaign Public Library, 200 W. Green Street.

Hulten says those who  the recruitment event on Thursday will “find out what it takes to serve as an election judge, what it means to serve as an election judge; the qualifications that we’re looking for and the procedures that we go through in training folks to serve as an election judge.”

Election judges verify voters registration information, issue them their ballots, protect their privacy, and make sure the ballots are counted accurately.

Hulten says presidential elections need the most judges, but even a primary election can keep 300 to 550 election judges busy in Champaign County alone.

“So we do need an awful lot of election judges”, said Hulten. “And it really is the front lines of election administration in Champaign County, and an incredibly valuable performance that people perform.”

To be a Champaign County election judge, you must be registered to vote in Champaign County and be proficient in English. Training for the work is free, and an Election Day’s work pays up to $120.

You can find out more by phoning the Champaign County Clerk’s office at 217-384-3724, or checking the Champaign County Clerk’s website at

Story source: WILL