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Champaign Driver’s License Facility Closed Over Illnesses


The Secretary of State’s Driver’s License Facility in Champaign is closed until at least Tuesday after a number of employees have reported getting sick.

Secretary of State Spokesman Henry Haupt says facility was closed all day Thursday and Friday as well, and independent contractors will be in the building Saturday morning to conduct air quality tests. 

Haupt doesn’t have an exact number, but he says quite a few of the facility’s 17 employee reported feeling nauseous, and experienced headaches. 

He said the latest reports come a week after the building closed early last Friday due to a strong odor, but Haupt there’s no evidence now tying the incidents together.

“I don’t want to speculate," he said.  "The important thing to do at this point is to take this seriously and to run all the necessary air quality tests as quickly as we can, and go from there depending on what the results indicate.”

Haupt says the Secretary of State’s office expected to have an update by Monday.

The Champaign facility is normally open Tuesday through Saturday.  

Haupt said his office is now turning customers towards driver’s license centers in Rantoul, Tuscola, Monticello, Bloomington and Tilton.