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Champaign Federation Of Teachers Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge Against Unit 4

Dr. Howard Elementary School in Champaign.

Dr. Howard Elementary School in Champaign. Champaign Unit 4 School District

The Champaign Federation of Teachers has filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge against the Unit 4 school district. The union says the district is refusing to bargain over the impact of teachers changing classrooms.

The CFT filed the charge with the Illinois Educational Relations Board Thursday evening. It comes as teachers at Dr. Howard Elementary and the Columbia Center prepare to move, ahead of Dr. Howard being demolished and rebuilt over the next two years.

"The Board refuses to sit down and negotiate with the union on how the moves shall be made, when they shall be made, and how the teachers will be compensated for their time in making the moves without being overly disruptive to the end of the school year,” CFT president Jen White said in a statement.

In a statement, the district says it is “confused” by the union’s action, and that it bargained with the union over the issue and signed an agreement in 2013. The district says it intends to continue honoring that agreement, which you can read below.

The district says it has used this agreement to help teachers during building moves at Kenwood, Bottenfield, and Robeson elementary schools over the last five years.

The district's statement also says, "This year, we have clearly communicated to teachers at both Dr. Howard and Columbia that we intend to continue honoring our agreement, which includes two additional paid days of the teacher’s choosing to relocate materials. We have also shared that Operations & Maintenance staff is willing to relocate any teachers who do not wish to take advantage of these extra paid days."