Champaign Looks At $700,000 Cost To Remove Ash Trees


City officials in Champaign say they expect to spend at least $700,000 to remove the remaining ash trees from the city. 

City forestry supervisor Andrew Lamoreux told the Champaign city council this week that emerald ash borer has infested almost every ash tree in the city. The invasive insect was first found in Champaign in 2012. 

According to The News-Gazette, city officials said Champaign still has 1,481 ash trees after the removal of 659. 

Lamoreux said the city, using its workers, is trying to cut down 200 a year on its own, and another 100 through contractors. 

The remaining ash trees make up about 7% of the 21,000 trees in Champaign.

Story source: AP