Champaign Parents Organize Fund Drive for Tornado Victims


The Champaign School District’s Parent Teacher Association is trying to raise money and supplies for victims of the Oklahoma tornado.

The fund drive will go on until next Wednesday, May 29, with donation boxes set up at each school.

PTA Council Vice President Sheri Williamson said while parents can contribute, students can also make a donation.

“I think they’re actually able to appreciate that more where they know, ‘Hey, I’m sending a box of crayons to another little boy or girl who needs crayons,"’ Williamson said. "You know, we always want to help the children to appreciate what they have, and of course encourage them to pay it forward and give to other families.”

Williamson said some of the items she is hoping to collect in the next week include cleaning supplies and school supplies.

People interested in donating money can do so by stopping at a PNC Bank, and making a contribution under the Champaign Unit 4 PTA Council’s account.

Story source: WILL