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Court Won’t Hear Appeal from Ex-Illinois Gov. George Ryan


Former Illinois Gov. George Ryan’s last-ditch effort to appeal his criminal conviction is being denied.

On Tuesday, the justices turned away Ryan's appeal without comment.

Ryan’s lawyers have argued for years his corruption conviction should be re-considered after a change in the so-called “honest services” law.

The change would require prosecutors to prove a defendant took bribes, and Ryan’s lawyers argued the government never proved that charge.

But justices denied Ryan’s appeal without explanation.

"So that’s the end of the road," said former Illinois Gov. Jim Thompson, who is one of Ryan’s lawyers. "The governor’s disappointed and we, his lawyers are disappointed, but we knew it was a long-shot when we filed this last petition."

A jury convicted Ryan in 2006 of racketeering, conspiracy, tax fraud and making false statements to the FBI. Ryan was released from prison earlier this year and is serving the rest of his sentence on home confinement.

Ryan was released from prison last month. He will be confined to his home - in Kankakee - until he is done with his sentence in July.