CU Oktoberfest Helps Fill In Gaps For Developmental Services Center

An activity at the first annual CU Oktoberfest in 2013.

An activity at the first annual CU Oktoberfest in 2013.

Courtesy of Chuck Abeln Photography

Unlike many service providers in the state, the Developmental Services Center in Champaign is getting paid, via a court order. The Center serves over 1,000 area adults and children with disabilities, providing a variety of services from residential care to extra in-home support.

Though the center is getting paid, times are still tough for the DSC. Rising costs aren't being absorbed by falling reimbursement rates.

Even so, they’re throwing a party. 

DSC's CEO Dale Morrissey says this weekend's third annual Oktoberfest is a time for the community to celebrate, away from the doom and gloom of the state budget crisis. Morrissey says he hopes to net $60,000 this year.

"When you have an event, the cash comes in. You get it immediately," he said. "And that's one of the things — you never know when you're going to be paid by the state. So, not only with a budget not being in place and inadequate rates...what fundraising does for us is it helps smooth over those edges to get us through those tough times."

The fest is Saturday in downtown Champaign. Tickets for entry are $5, and local food and beer will be for sale beginning at 3 p.m.

Story source: WILL