Cunningham Township Assessor, Supervisor Pay and Personnel Policies Now Uniform


The Cunningham Township Assessors office in Urbana has new employment and pay policies after a controversial month for the new assessor. 

Assessor Wayne Williams fired two of employees in his first full day on the job, hired a former county employee who is accused of improper use of a county credit card and then fired that person after a public outcry.

In a news release Tuesday, Williams and Cunningham Township Supervisor Danielle Chynoweth announced that the two fired employees received vacation and sick leave pay from the township totaling over $32,300 combined — according to office policy set by Williams’ predecessor.

But now, Chynoweth says the Cunningham Township Assessor’s office will have the same personnel and pay policies as her office.

The Cunningham Township Supervisor’s office and Assessor’s office will also share human resource services.

Story source: WILL